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Safari Temple
Beach Safari Tent
Beach Safari Tent
Pilgrimage at Angkor Wat - Cambodia
Bas Reliefs at Bantey Srei Temple
Kong Kea Boat at Tonle Om Angkor Thom
Rabbit island in Kep
Cycling Tour at Chambok Homestay
Helicopter Scenic on Tonle Sap Lake
Waterfall at Prek Thnot Community
Devatas of Angkor Thom Gate
French Architecture ,Battambong Province
Bohisattva Face of Bayon Temple
Demon of Angkor Thom Gate
Floating Villages, Tonle Sap Lake
Angkor Wat was Hindu Temple 12th Century
Traditonal Performence of Cambodia
Royal Palace, Phnom Penh
  Weather & Other
Cambodia has a tropical climate with three distinct seasons – Hot/Dry from March to May, Rainy/Monsoon from June to October and small Winter/Cool from November through February. The average annual temperature is 28C – 30C, this ranges in the capital city of Phnom Penh.  The temperature during the small winter is 20C - 25C at provinces throughout the country but in Phnom Penh is about 32C – 35C. In the early April, it is found that there are some rain showers through the beginning of May. The end of May and the beginning of June the full monsoon starts till the end of October.

As Cambodia's climate is hot and humid almost all year round, it is ideal to have light clothing to be worn throughout the year. But during the small winter from December till March, you are advised to wear thick clothing. It is also advisable for ladies and gentlemen, when entering any Buddhist pagoda, in tradition, ladies are inappropriately found to wear shorts, trousers or any sexy attire. Men and women are cultured for a dignitary image¾is not to wear shorts and cap when you are in the complex of a Buddhist pagoda.  The flip-flops, boots or shoes must specially be taken off before entering into any Buddhist temple. At ancient temples, you are free to wear any as you wish but not bras and under-pan.

Cambodia is 7 (GMT+7) hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and 12 hours ahead of the United States in Boston, Pacific Time Standard.
Cambodia has a unique official language is Khmer or Cambodian. The French and English are widely utilized as second language.  Cambodians tend to be trilingual.

Our Cambodia currency is Riel that is used officially around the country. The Note is divided to small and big note categories to compensate cash flow to all requirement. Our note from 100 Riel to 500 Riel , 1000 Riel, 2000 Riel, 5000 Riel, 10000 Riel, 20000 Riel, 50000 Riel, 100000 Riel.
  Anyway, US Dollar is also used hugely in Cambodia especially, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh , Sihanouk Ville…etc. The Exchange of one US Dollar is equal to Cambodia money 4000 riels. The Exchange can be changed at Local market , Travel Agent, Hotels, Guesthouses that rate is a bit different.  
*Except Euro or other Currency note , you must change to US dollar or Riel.
  Not to worry if you are coming alone. Cambodians are very friendly and Cambodia is especially called a land of smile. Traveling alone is generally safe and relatively comfortable for both men and women.  Plan your trip around your interests and prepare yourself to be flexible enough to take the inevitable glitches in stride. Visitors who encounter unforeseen problems and difficulties can seek the Cambodian Tourist Police Unit or any other Police Station for any assistance.

Cambodia's electrical supply is 220 volts AC at 50 cycles per second.

Medical services are available in all towns at government run hospitals and private clinics. Non-prescription drugs are available at pharmacies as well as supermarkets, hotels, and shopping centres.  International class hotels also have their individual in-house medical Doctor to service their guests.

Water drinking
It is generally safe to drink water directly from the boiled. however, mineral bottle water is also readily available in shops and supermarkets everywhere.

License driving
You will require an international driving permit or a valid license issued by your government to drive in Cambodia. Car rental can be arranged through hotel or through various car rental companies which can be located through the Yellow Pages Directory.

  Do and Don’t  
To avoid "cultural offences", below are some tips:
- Remove shoes when entering homes and places of worship.
- Dress neatly in suitable attire which covers arms and legs when visiting places of worship.
  When handling food, do so with the right hand only.
- Tipping is not a custom in Cambodia.  It is unnecessary in hotels and restaurants where a 10% service charge, unless the service rendered is exceptionally good.
- Refrain from raising your voice or displaying fits of anger as considered ill mannered.

It is a good idea for you to take have medical insurance before you travel to Cambodia as ours does not have reciprocal health service agreements with other nations