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Safari Temple
Beach Safari Tent
Beach Safari Tent
Pilgrimage at Angkor Wat - Cambodia
Bas Reliefs at Bantey Srei Temple
Kong Kea Boat at Tonle Om Angkor Thom
Rabbit island in Kep
Cycling Tour at Chambok Homestay
Helicopter Scenic on Tonle Sap Lake
Waterfall at Prek Thnot Community
Devatas of Angkor Thom Gate
French Architecture ,Battambong Province
Bohisattva Face of Bayon Temple
Demon of Angkor Thom Gate
Floating Villages, Tonle Sap Lake
Angkor Wat was Hindu Temple 12th Century
Traditonal Performence of Cambodia
Royal Palace, Phnom Penh
  8 Days Cambodia Path
8 Days Cambodia Path
Duration :   8 Days
From:   $749.00
Discount:   $711.55

In Brief

Day 1 : Phnom Penh – Arrival:
Day 2 : Phnom Penh – Silk Island Cycling - City tour (B)
Day 3 : Phnom Penh to Siem Reap Angkor by Private car (BD)
Day 4 : Angkor Wat – Angkor Thom – (B)
Day 5 : Bantey Srei – Bantey Samre – Ta Prohm (B)
Day 6 : Siem Reap – Battambong  (B)
Day 7 : Battambong  - Phnom Penh (B)
Day 8 : Phnom Penh – Departure (B) 

Details Program :

Day 1 : Phnom Penh Arrival City Tour :

Upon arrival in Phnom Penh warmly welcome by our guide and driver. Phnom Penh Capital  is splendor and charming city of heart in Cambodia. Then transfer to hotel for check in.
we start visiting Royal Palace is beautiful palace was built in 1866 after moving from Oudong. The palace is in size of 402 m x 435m that covered many buildings of surrounding compound. its building is still conserved as in colorful and beautiful garden . the most interesting is Royal throne that is the welcome and meeting place for high rank official, diplomats , king coronation or king wedding. The Napoleon pavilion is nearby in poor condition is unique surviving structure which gift from French King Napoleon III , then Silver Pagoda is the beautiful structure of its architecture in Khmer traditional style. the 5000 silver tiles was grounded on the floor with motif carving and there is amazing golden buddha statue standing in the middle hall and ornamented small and big diamond of 25 millimeter on crown. the other objects will be displayed in the cabinets for the public and tourists visit. Wat Phnom is popular with Cambodians and tourists alike. it is the heart of the capital and The center of Phnom Penh. it was man-made hill built in 1372 above 27 meters from ground. there is a big king stupa on the top and huge clock exposing in the front side on the ground level. Overnight at hotel.                                

Day 2 : Phnom Penh – Silk Island Cycling - City tour (B)

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This morning, we cycling on Silk Island , is the handicraft center focus on silk weaving follow to the traditional wooden tools. it is 12 kilometers from Phnom Penh center. we are able to travel by private boat or public ferry to there. many of the people who live here make their living as farmers. they plant corn, sesame, beans banana. they also plant fruits tree. in the addition to farming, the villagers produce mosquito nets, silk, Sarong, pha moung, hol, Krama ( Scarf ). Khmer handicrafts are abundance in here. in the afternoon, Toul Sleng genocidal museum is the former high school in Phnom Penh of Cambodia. in 1975 ,during the Khmer rough regime, the school was used as a prison an d torture center known as S 21.Thousand of Cambodians and a number of foreigner were imprisoned and interrogate before executed. the photos of Khmer rough and illing tools is still displayed in the cabinet of room. then we head down Killing Field also is known Choeug Ek in Khmer. it is 15 kilometers from Phnom Penh city. here is the executed center after the prisoners was transferred by truck to kill after  interrogation and answering was terminated. there are many mass graves surrounding of its compound and a number of sites in Cambodia
where large numbers of people were killed and buried by the communist Khmer rough regime, during its rule of the country from 1975 to 1979. we explore to Russian Market became the foreigner’s market during the 1980’s when most of the foreigners in Cambodia were Russians, hence the name ‘Russian Market. nowadays this market had changed their name to Phsar Toul Tom Poug in Khmer. there are many of stalls to sell as silk scarfs, statues, CDs, T-shirt, fruits ,vegetables and cooked food in the market. Overnight at hotel                                                                

Day 3 : Phnom Penh to Siem Reap Angkor by Private car (BD)

This morning, after breakfast you will transfer to Siem Reap by private car for 315 km.
En route we pause at skun village is well known Spider Ville in Kampong Cham Province before forward to Kampong Thom which the center point of Cambodia. you are able to try tasting crunchy spider from vendors. we explore to the northeast of the provincial to visit Sam Bo Prey Kuk temple hiding in forest and build in 7th century of reign of King Isanavarman I (AD 616- 635) ,which was old Capital named Isanapura and a religious center for the worship of Shiva Brahmanism. Siem Reap is charming ,clean city and it has colonial and Chinese-style architecture in which a popular resort town as the gateway to Angkor region. You will enjoy welcome dinner of Apsara dancing show at local restaurant. Overnight at hotel.

Day 4: Angkor Wat sunrise – Angkor Thom  (B)

You early get up in the morning and leave at 4.30 am to Angkor Wat to catch up sunrise at compound. the view is reflex from water pond as mirror of the temple. You will have picnic  packed breakfast in Angkor before visit their whole structure. Angkor Wat is world heritage side and was the Hindu temple and largest monument in the world that was built in early 12 century by Khmer King Suryavarman II. we walk on causeway from the front side facing to west in which believed that direction of Vishnu god. There is big original statues of Vishnu standing holding tools his four hands in first gopura. then we walk into center parts is amazing hall with Buddhist statues and all galleries depicted stories from India Epic. some of bas relief is shiny as new polish carving on the wall presently. The temple is admired for the grandeur and harmony of the architecture, its extensive bas-reliefs
, and for the numerous devatas adorning its walls, then visit South gate of Angkor Thom - Great city was adorned by Asura and Tevadas statues holding the serpent for each side. moat is surrounding outer enclosing wall for huge size complex. it is access to temple axe of Bayon and other temples. We visit Bayon temple a massive face of the bodhisttva of compassion called Avalokitesvara or Lokesvara in the 12th  century of King Jayavarman VII. There are 54 towers represent to four basic attributes of Buddhism. a piece of sandstone was juxtaposed and superimposed in shape of dome from the bottom to top tower with smiling face. we walk along the gallery there are so many bas relief scenes about daily life, fighting and spot of epics in the past time. Baphoun ,we visit the Hindu temple that is a single temple mountain sanctuary situated on a high base symbolizing, There are sculpture was carving on small square stone in many scenes. The temple is under restoration but still permit tourists to climb up to view its architecture. Phimeanakas we start exploring this temple that was ancient Royal Palace in 10 century. it also was believed that this palace crowed golden pinnacle. The temple was decorated by lion, elephant statue pedestal that is badly ruined. you are possible to go up on top to breath the fresh air of Angkor Thom Complex view. Elephant Terrace, this place as served the King platform in 12th century to view parade and ceremonies. It is standing in front of Phimeanakas Palace. The three elephants are flanking a long the staircase with ornamented elephant fighting scenes underneath had portrayed on the base wall ,Leper King Terrace you will visit a weird platform of King JayavarmanVII in the end 12 century. Bas relief is very remarkable and senses carving of exterior and interior wall. you reach to confusion with this structure of small access opening inside. we take a short time to climb up to visit Bakheng Hill brightly sunset on The top of temple hill, This temple was also Hindu and has 108 towers surrounding that represented to Mount Meru. The view of Angkor Wat is possible to see from here. Overnight at hotel.

Day 5 : Bantey Srei – Bantey Samre – Ta Prohm (B)

The temple lies in remarkable state of preservation , small size and excellence of decoration of Pinkish sandstone which enable to the technique of superb carving. There are many sceneries epic depicted on the lintel and fronton of the towers. Bantey Samre is the Hindu temple which built by King Angkor Wat apart from Angkor complex. The structure is well preserved and tiny King coffin was excavated and keep in the central tower. The last Ta Prohm is well known temple, abundance of gigantic tree over and shroud in the jungle dedicating to his mother named Prajnaparamita in late 12th century. you will be amazing that you were in ancient time with view of huge and old root interwine over the temple. There are a lot of tiny hole portraying on central tower supposed that precious stones and diamonds exposed. then we head back to hotel for swimming pool. Overnight at hotel.

Day 6 : Siem Reap- Battambong –City Tour (B)

We leave for battambong to visit charming and colonial town occupied by French in the past time. we continue14 km from provincial to see Wat Ek Phnom has Hindu temple was built by King suryavarman I in early 11th century. later on there is one huge Buddha statue was constructed for worship. then we head back to bamboo train is the traditional transport way for villagers instead of train. You will try to ride on to visit kiln on bumpy rail and move off when train coming with beautiful fresh air landscape. Overnight at hotel

Day 7 : Battambong – Phnom Penh (B)

Today we will explore local market, is mixed of selling products displaying in each stand, as dress , Orange, meats , Fresh vegetable. you can see and reach to negotiate the price. we depart for Phnom Penh through along road with beautiful landscape, Oudong ,Today we drive for 41 kilometers from Phnom Penh Capital to explore the old Capital . Oudong was home to several kings when it served as the Cambodian capital between AD 1618 and 1866. on top is 18 cubit Buddha sanctuary and new stupa moved from Phnom Penh to house for Buddha’s ashes in 2002 by king Silhanouk .The view of the surrounding country side from entire ridge are breathtaking and silence cast. Picnic hut selling everything from sweet palm fruit to roasted checken cluster around the base of the hill.  
Overnight at hotel

Day 8 : Phnom Pen- Departure (B)

It is time to transfer back to Siem Reap international airport for departure flight to your next destination or home.   

                                          End of Tours!


  • 07 night hotel accommodation with daily breakfast
  • Meal: as mentioned in program (B: Breakfast, L: Lunch and D: 1Dinner)
  • Airport transfers & Transport by air con. vehicles as per program
  • Private Car Phnom Penh- Siem Reap
  • Cycling as specific site
  • Sightseeing and entrance fees as specified sites
  • Local English speaking guide as in program
  • Cold water and towel during trip 


  • Visa fee
  • International air ticket in-out of Cambodia
  • Other services not mentioned as in inclusion
  • Other meal, drink, personal expenses, tip 

*Child Policies “must be under 12 years old upon the traveling date: